Friday, March 27, 2015

Swedish Civil Defence First aid bag - Samaritan Bag

Samarit väska


AKLA is a Swedish company that develops, manufactures and markets products in first aid and medical care. Managing Director since 2003 Eva Janmark.

The company was founded in 1926 as Apotekarnas Chemical Laboratory AB. An important early product was halspastillen AKLA-lozenge. 1933 introduced the first dressing, and in 1935 was a breakthrough year for bandages to both the armed forces as municipal and state institutions.

The product line consisted of prescription medicines, chemical-technical articles, bandages, lozenges, toffee, Punch and likörextrakter, juice and saftextrakter and chewing gum.

The range-aid kits expanded during the 1950s, after consultation with the Safety Board and the Swedish Red Cross. Civil Defence confirmed and approved AKLA's samaritväska for shelter. 1960s resulted in an increased specialization in casting article page. Now keep in a first aid kit from AKLA for the bus with content in accordance with prevailing medical board announcement. In cooperation with Rescue Corps also equipped many cars with first-aid materials from AKLA.

Since 1970 they moved production from Stockholm to a new factory in Askersund has AKLA altogether specializes in products and training in first aid and medical care.

A bag full of assorted medical equipment.
With samaritväskan you are prepared for most minor injuries.

Full list of content:

1x notepad1x anteckningsblock

2x package cellulose wadding
2x paket cellulosavadd

2x ink pens
2x bläckpennor

1x tweezers
1x pincett

20x 10x10 sterile compresses
20x 10x10 sterila kompresser

10x first aid
10x första förband

12x triangular bandage wipes
12x trekantiga förbandsdukar

4x gauze
4x gasbindor

12x safety pins
12x säkerhetsnålar

1x avpolletteringssedel for gasskadade
1x avpolletteringssedel för gasskadade

1x avpolletteringssedel for wounded
1x avpolletteringssedel för sårade

4x splints
4x spjälor

40x 5x5 sterile compresses
40x 5x5 sterila kompresser

1x förbandssax
1x förbandssax

1x packet with padding
1x paket med vadd

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