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Netherlands / Dutch Army Rucksacks , Backpacks

The Dutch Army used and uses modern backpacks that all have in common that they have detachable side pouches These pouches (aka rocket pouches) can be zipped together into a improvised small backpack. After years of using the Berghaus Vulcan backpack the the Dutch army switched to several models and sizes of Lowe Alpine backpacks. The sizes are 40 liter, 55 liter and 130 liter. They all come with 10 liter side pouches. The 40 liter backpack has a minimalistic hip belt and static shoulder straps. The bigger models have a padded hip-belt and shoulder straps that can be adjusted according to the user length.

Initially they were made by renowned backpack manufacturer Lowe Alpine. Later the Dutch army ordered copies of these backpacks at the Belgian company ARWY. Also the Army ordered copies of the backpacks without a brand in countries like Vietnam. A real Lowe Alpine version of these backpacks can be recognized through the label under the cover lid and the Lowe Alpine logo on the metal button clasps that keep the aluminum frame inside its sleeves.

The fast majority of the produced backpacks has Dutch DPM camouflage. Smaller quantities are made in US Woodland camouflage for the Marine Corps and in black for the Military Police. Lowe Alpine itself produced the backpacks also in Olive Green for the civilian market.

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Dutch Army Pattern 1937 Rubberized Haversack

Dutch Army  Daypack / Patrol Pack 

Lowe Alpine Dutch Army




  • Dutch Army 40Litre Forest Camo Patrol PackBackpack
  • Dutch Army Backpack 35L Olive Green - Nederlandse Militaire Rugzak 35L OliveBackpack
  • Dutch Army Combat Backpack M 94 - Gevechts Rugzak KL M94Backpack
  • Dutch Army Lowe Alpine Saracen - Rugzak Lowe Alpine SaracenBackpack
  • Dutch Army Lowe Alpine Saracen review Backpack, Video
  • Dutch Army Lowe Alpine Sting Back Pack - Rugzak Lowe Alpine StingBackpack
  • Dutch Army Pattern 1937 Rubberized Haversack Backpack
  • Dutch Army pattern 37 rubber backpackBackpack
  • Dutch Military Camouflage DPM Woodland Daypack - KL DAGRUGZAK NEDERLANDSE LEGERBackpack
  • Dutch Royal Army Backpack Lowe Alpine Strike (model 52)Backpack


Rugzak Woodland KL Camouflage M93
NSN : 8465-17-106-3928

Rugzak Lowe Alpine Saracen (model 49)
NSN : 8465-17-113-6904

Rugzak Lowe Alpine Sting (model 50)
NSN 8465-17-115-5334

Lowe Alpine Stingray (Mod 51)
NSN : 8465-17-115-9550

Rugzak Lowe Alpine Strike (model 52)
NSN: 8465-17-114-4596

Dutch Army 40Litre Forest Camo Patrol Pack
NSN : 8465-17-117-2481

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