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Australian Army Crossfire DG6 Ausnice Infantry Pack

Crossfire DG-6

Product Description

Here is the last word in Infantry Packs. A collaborative effort from Mystery Ranch, WE and Crossfire.

We are building on decades of design expertise. We’ve listened hard to soldier feedback. And we’ve leant very hard on the best pack designers in the world (all four of them).

In general design, the DG-6 rucksack is based upon the same format as the Mystery Ranch 6500, scaled down to suit the volume, with many smaller details added. This is part of the licensed business alliance between Mystery Ranch and Crossfire.
The DG-6 comes with an improved daypack lid. The pack lid is a detachable item that can be used as a small daypack. It could conceivably be used as an Escape and Evasion bag for those moments when immediate survival items are needed. It is secured to the pack frame via lockable fastex clips at top and bottom and has a harness system tucked away in a pocket for immediate use.

Mystery Ranch AUSNICE Carbon Fibre frame and Futura harness system.

Mystery Ranch have ‘Australianised’ their famous NICE frame at our request.
AUSNICE has better compatibility with belt order , enhanced fit and reinforcements.
It also has all the load carriage sophistication of a live frame with the versatility of an interchangeable platform.

All specialist Mystery Ranch packs (Comms, Medical, Heavy Support etc) are interchangeable on the AUSNICE frame.

The Futura harness is available in three interchangeable sizes to fit 95% of soldiers, including female. For custom fittting give us a call.

For a fuller explanation of the Mystery Ranch design concept, have a look at
DG- 6 Pack Bag.
We listened to all our thoughtful soldier friends , then blended the most popular features from DG-3, DG-8 and many experimental packs.
Detachable Day Pack lid. A Bug Out Bag, Claymore Pouch and pocketed lid all in one.
ID patch.
Drawstring top closure to keep the dust out.
Internal compression strap to keep load close to your centre of gravity.
Multiple external compression straps with extra lashing.
Patch pockets to stabilise long objects.
RatPack sized pockets with double closures.
Slot pocket to hide ET tool. Handle keeper between pockets.
Compression compartment for sleeping bag.
Removeable divider.
Optional BVS Body armour bolsters lock the pack over armour plate.
Internal hangers for optional radio and hydration pouches.
Multiple internal mesh organizer pockets.
Top and side zip radio access.

ITEM: DG-6 AUSNICE Infantry Pack

MANUFACTURER: Crossfire Australia


An 85 litre, general purpose combat pack with external pockets using the NICE Frame.


The new DG-6 is kindly supplied by Crossfire Australia.

I have received no financial compensation for the review of this item. I have done the review (like many with supplied equipment) with the proviso that I will be painfully honest in my assessment of this item.

This is the latest incarnation of the Crossfire general purpose combat pack.

My previous review of the old version of this pack can be found here:

Crossfire DG-6

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to take this pack out scrub, due to the vagaries of real life.


Height – 90cm
Length – 50cm
Width – 40cm
Volume – 85L (at the shoulder)
Weight – 4.5kg

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