Saturday, February 28, 2015

Australian Army Crossfire DG-3 Long Range Pack

Way back in the early ‘80’s Ian Maley of WE designed the famous SAS – Mk6 rucksack. It was the most advanced military pack of its day, with a live frame and ergonomic harness.

Ten – twenty years later many loyal SAS – Mk6 users started coming to us as their much loved packs approached the end of their service lives.

We commissioned Mr Maley to bring the pack up to date, using all his years of industry experience and in the light of feedback from thousands of users.

The result of our R&D investment is the Dukz Gutz of military packs, the DG-3. In performance it equals the finest of mountaineering packs, in military features it is unequalled.

A brilliant design, superbly executed.


  • Flexible Frame.
    Aircraft alloy frame flexes with the human back to allow for a natural gait. Hips and shoulders can move independently. The flex cancels the sway on rigid frame packs which is so fatiguing to shoulder muscles.
  • Shock from jumps and falls is absorbed by the spring tempered frame minimising spinal stresses.
  • Harness.
    Finest construction and ergonomics. Laminated from no less than 7 layers of technical materials to ensure ventilation, load distribution and personal fit. Structural elements maintain shape under heavy loads and prolonged use. Memory materials mould to the wearer’s shape. Free-2-Air® body contact mesh for ventilation and cooling. Adjustable, elasticised sternum strap.
  • Shoulder Strap QR.
    CrossFire exclusive low profile QR buckles. Solid under load, super swift release. Security lock off.
  • Mega Duckbill buckle for easy adjustment on donning and doffing. PLEASE NOTE: None of our packs use the manifestly inadequate expedient of a 1″ side release buckle in this role. Dangerous and improper usage.
  • Drag Handle.
    Heavily reinforced and big enough for hand grip or krab.
  • Hip Fins.
    CBA Compatible. Hip loading is a vital feature for heavy hauling. However, CBA and belt order are incompatible with conventional hip belts. Our elegant solution is hip fins which can be swung upwards and stowed. In this position they still provide support while allowing clearance for belt order. Should there be a need to wear bulky CBA the padding can be removed from the fins for better clearance. This feature is also useful when operating out of cramped aircraft or vehicles. Stowing hip fins greatly reduces the nuisance of belt and buckles snagging on seats or tripping up your colleagues.
  • Dust Proofing / Waterproofing.
    Top Compartment. Roll top is simple and fast to use. It’s the first line of defence against dust and dew. In the unfortunate event that you must overload, the sleeve allows secure stowage above the shoulder line
  • Sleeping Bag Compartment.
  • Outer closure by roll and snap. Inner liner is taped tent floor nylon.
  • Top Lid. Shaped for snag free movement through scrub. Zipped claymore pocket.
  • Side Compression Straps. Two each side. One top centre.
  • MOLLE.
    Our distinctive 20 / 25 MOLLE on back and sides make it easy to attach any make of PALS pouches or pockets. 20/25 allows a few millimetres clearance between pack and pouch horizontal webbing when inserting PALS straps on all makes of pouches .  It  is faster and easier to  thread and makes a neater attachment
  • LA Rings. For attachment of extra straps to carry external loads.
  • X Buckles. We chose to use X buckles for various closures and strap adjustments. These latest generation buckles have many detail improvements over previous styles.
    Crush (boot heel) resistant reinforced walls.
    Reinforced ‘fingers’ can’t be inserted incorrectly.
    Improved approach angle for one handed closing.
    Extra plate thickness for strength.
    Field replaceable via LA rings.
Volume: (packed to shoulder level): 75 litres
Colours: Coyote, DPCU, Olive Green.

Spare Parts

Just in case you do manage to lose or break buckles, you’ll find spares in an inside pocket. Is this not impressive attention to detail?
Weight: 4.5kg
Volume: 75 Litres

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