Friday, November 28, 2014

Kit First Aid Jungle Individual M1

Following the battle for Guadacanal in November 1942, the Medical Department was asked to develop a first aid kit for use by troops in jungle areas

The first pattern nomenclature was Kit, First Aid, Jungle, Individual, M1 with Medical Department Item No. 97107.

The M-1 Kit was the first version introduced for use in the jungle. It failed because it was unpractical and too bulky . The M-1 Individual Medical Jungle Kit, introduced in 1942-1943, consisted of a khaki-colored lightweight cotton kind of sleeve, provided with 17 individual compartments, that was rolled up and tied for easy packing. The only item to be cancelled early 1944, were the 100 Salt Tablets; the rest of the items remained, although later limited in number, when replacing the Kit with the M-2 version (smaller container, limited contents). The packed Kit rolled, and tied together as a kind of bag was to be carried in a compartment of the Jungle Pack ; the trouble was, that is was not only fragile, but often out of reach for the owner; it however remained in limited use, even after the introduction of the new M-2 version

FM 21-11 First Aid for Soldiers (April 7, 1943)

Container, for Kit, Jungle, Medical, Individual, M-1
  1. Aspirin (Acid, Acetylsalicylic) tablets (5-Grain)  24 
  2. Atabrine tablets (0.1-gram)  (30)
  3. Halazone (Water Purification) tablets (1/10-Grain) (200)
  4. Insect Repellent (1 oz)
  5. Packet First-Aid (1)
  6. Foot Powder (2 oz)
  7. Solution for athlete's foot (Frazer's Solution) (1 oz)
  8. Iodine (2%) (2cc)
  9. Salt Tablets (10-Grain) (100)
  10. Sulfadiazine tablets (0.5-Grain) (8)
  11. Adhesive Compresses (16)
  12. Adhesive Plaster (1 inch x 5 yards ) (1 spool)  

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