Saturday, October 25, 2014


Modular Ambush Pouch

The Modular Ambush Pouch fits 200 rounds of LSW Link or similar items, has full exterior MOLLE attachment and is padded to protect more fragile items such as a GPS or Night Vision.
Two PALS columns on the bottom, top and sides for small to medium size pouches such as strobe light pouch MK3, S.U.P or single shingles
Four PALS columns along the front of the pouch for larger pouches such as 4 x 40mm, F.U.P or twin 5.56 Velcro®.
Will fit 7 x M4/M16, 6 x F88 Steyr magazines, 200 round soft magazine for F89 or 100 rounds of 7.62mm link.
Padded to protect gear such as NVG,s or GPS
Four MOLLE attachment points for a more secure fit to your vest or belt order
Fastex® clip closure
Drainage holes in bottom of pouch
Bound edges to give strength because of heavy loads being carried in pouch
Only available in Khaki

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