Saturday, October 25, 2014

Half Med Slot pouch Multicam - Platatac

The Half Med Slot pouch is designed as a small emergency response medical kit. The pouch itself can hold all of the ‘essential’ items relating to high priority injuries (such as bullet wounds), including 1x CAT (Tourniquet), 1x FAD, and other smaller items such as trauma sheers or rubber gloves.

To deploy, simply pull the Velcro tab upwards out of the pouch. The medical kit will deploy out of the MOLLE Pouch and unfold, ready for use.

Contents are held in place by elastic loops of various sizes. The Half Med Slot pouch also features a hidden sleeve for small items and loops for hanging up for ease of access (if required).

The Half Med Slot is a must have for any soldier expecting to be in a combat situation.

MOLLE Compatible
Rapid deployment elastic retention with Velcro® security
Large grip tab for ease of use
1x Large Elastic Loop for FAD or equivalent
1x medium elastic Loop for CAT (tourniquet)
3x Small/medium elastic loops for smaller items such as bandages
6x Small elastic loops for other items such as scissors or cyalume
1x Hidden pocket for gloves, iodine or similar items
Medical equipment sold separately

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