Monday, August 25, 2014


The Mojo 446 Multi-Mission Aid Bag is two medic bags in one. A main bag with 2,645 cu in of interior space designed and stocked to carry component resupply or to provide sustainment of multiple casualties for extended periods. The kit also includes a zip-off, low profile assault bag with 595 cu in of interior space that is configured and stocked for trauma and immediate tactical care. Assault, tactical or sustained care, together these two bags provide the medic multiple options for every possible mission.

Unit Weight (stocked): 25 lbs
Unit Dimensions: 20"L x 14"W x 10.5" D
CMS Part Number: 84-446-01-CB


The Mojo 446 was specifically designed to bridge the gap between existing "team bags" and "tactical bags". No longer does a Care Provider have to choose between robust care capabilities and tactical movement requirements. With the 446, medics can carry all the necessary medical supplies to provide prolonged care/assessment/sick call needs in the Main Bag and still detach the smaller Assault Bag for trauma needs. ASSAULT BAG: The low silhouette assault bag zips off the Main Bag and is meant to carry trauma care supplies for tactical operations. It holds a compliment of airway, breathing and hemorrhage control supplies while also having a very low profile on the providers back. It contains clear pouches and assorted Multi-Loop retainers. The interior has 595 cu/in of space. MAIN BAG: The main or "coverage" bag provides for sustainment of casualties for extended periods and can also be loaded out with assessment/sick call supplies. It has multiple "pull outs" allowing for maximum organization and rapid treatments and has space for additional supplies, IV fluids and medical hard items. An internal back pocket holds splints, C-collars and a hydration bladder. The interior is approximately 1795 cu/in. The Main Bag has a removable padded waist belt and padded shoulder straps. This bag also features a zippered drop down bottom pouch which, when deployed, provides an additional 850 cu/in of on-call storage space.

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