Monday, August 25, 2014

USMC MOJO Squad Medical Kit 310

MOJO Squad Medical Kit 310

The MOJO-310 Squad Bag provides the 6-9 man squad with the ability to perform more complete buddy aid. The bag is extremely unique that it has a "cut away pillow" that allows rapid employment from a gun-belt or molle system. This bag contains Multi-Loop™ retainers throughout the inside of the bag. Multi-Loop™ is a unique highly confgurative retention system that can be moved and exchanged throughout the bag to allow maximum confguration options. 

  • Velcro interior walls for maximum customization Includes 
  • Multi-Loop retention system 
  • Wide waist strap to carry as a lower backpack or side/front medical bag 
  • Full-opening top zipper panel for quick view of critical supplies while performing     resuscitative care 
  • Multiple backs for first-aid logo: Red, OD, Black and Glow-in-the-dark 
  • Measures: 12"W x 6"T x 6"D

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