Tuesday, May 13, 2014


WW2 Kingdom Bulgaria soldier's food mess kit. From the beginning of the 20th c. the army of Kingdom Bulgaria used various types or round mess kits /the pattern of the 19th c. Russian mess kits/, however at the end of the 30's, when the country became more and more involved with Germany, the army equipment started to be made similar to the German. That is when appeared those two-piece mess kits, quite similar to the German ones. These were used by the army of Kingdom Bulgaria through the WW2, along with the older, round type mess kit. The period photo shows Bulgarian soldiers with such mess kits in their equipment. The photo is not included in the auction.

The mess kit opens in half, it is made of aluminum. The handle is made of iron. Height /without the handle/ 6", width 6", thick 3 1/4". Those are very rare, because in the poor early postwar years almost the whole stock were melted for the metal, the aluminum was much needed and very scarce.

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