Saturday, May 10, 2014

Royal Dutch Army Carinthia Explorer Bivy Bag

KL Bivakzak Enkelboogs

NSN: 8465-17-115-3954

I switched to a bivikzak of KL , this is really a great thing . The fabric is super stiff it just takes a minute to do everything , and has a nice camo print , always fun in the woods . I use the latest version that was produced in March 2006 . This is the successor of M90 bivakzak . The enkelboogs bivakzak has waterproof zippers on the side and has a built-in mosquito netting . Furthermore, there are at the bottom two flaps fitted into place so that the bivakzak still stays protected and you do what is higher which makes you have less chance of moisture seeping you. Sleeping mat Moreover, there is enough space for draining . Footwear and equipement

Description / Specifications: 

Manufacturer: Carinthia 
material: Goretex 
large opening for easy entry and rapid escape (closes with zipper) 
with loose compression sack 
incl: bow sticks 
color: kl woodland 
ex army, good condition. 
Handle this product with a washing and / or impregnation technical materials to enjoy. Fully the properties 

Size: approx 75 (feet) x 90 (chest) x 220cm (length) (pack size 35x15cm) 
Weight: 1.45 kg

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