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Military Fire Resistant Clothing

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Traditionally, flame-resistant uniforms have been reserved for military personnel such as aviators, fuel handlers and combat vehicle crew who were most likely to encounter fuel-related fires. However, the increasing frequency of improvised explosive devices in Afghanistan and Iraq has greatly increased the number of troops in need of flame-resistant clothing and uniforms. In January 2007, the Army began shipping 160,000 flame-resistant Nomex uniforms for soldiers assigned to at-risk convoy operations. However, the Nomex uniforms restricted air movement more than the traditional Cotton/Nylon ACU and were hotter for soldiers to wear.

Fire Resistant Army Combat Uniform - FR ACU
Massif Type II, Flame Resistant, Army Combat Shirt
ACU Massif Winter Army Combat Shirt - WACS
Army Combat Shirt - Advanced Combat Shirt (ACS)
Flame Resistant Organizational Gear - FROG
British Army AFV Crewman's Fire Retardant Base Layer

Army Flame Resistant (FR) Products

  • Army Aviation Combat Uniform (A2CU)
  • Improved Combat Vehicle Crewmen's Coverall (iCVC )
  • Flame Resistant Army Combat Uniform (FR ACU)
  • Army Combat Shirt (ACS)
  • Ghillie Suit Accessory Kit Upgrade (GSAK)
  • Lightweight Performance Hood (LPH)
  • Army Combat Pants (ACP)
  • Fuel Handlers’ Coverall (FHC)
  • Integrated Flame Resistant Patch Kit
  • Alternate Flame Resistant Fabric Qualification


Flame-Resistant Organizational Gear Protect Marines Longer 
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Flame Resistant Clothing - Advance Planning Brief to Industry 
12 May 2011 
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