Saturday, May 24, 2014

Flame Resistant Organizational Gear - FROG


Due to the amount of Marine Corps casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan from enemy impro‐
vised explosive device detonations, an Urgent Statement of Need (USON) was forwarded 
from the Operating Forces for hand, face, and neck flame and fire protection. Flame Resis‐
tant Organizational Gear (FROG) was quickly developed and fielded in response to the 
USON.  Flame Resistant Organizational Gear is broken into two protective layers.  FROG I 
consist of base layer garments and FROG II consist of outer garments that protect the indi‐
vidual Marine from immediate flash‐fire and flame threats.  


 1) Balaclava:  Hinged face guard that allows wearer to expose face without having to re‐
move helmet and balaclava.   Both a lightweight and medium weight balaclava is issued to 
each Marine.  
 2) Long Sleeve Shirt:  In addition to being FR, this shirt has a mock neck design for added 
 3) Gloves:  FR material that has improved durability and dexterity.  

 1) Combat Shirt & Trousers:  Designed to closely resemble the current Marine Corps Com‐
bat Utility Uniform (MCCUU).        
 2) Trousers have a calf pocket that allows the wearer to quickly identify flame resistant (FR) 
MCCUU trousers from regular MCCUU trousers.     


Balaclava (Light Weight) NSN : 8415‐01‐546‐2650
Balaclava (Medium Weight) NSN : 8415‐01‐546‐2630
Long Sleeve T‐Shirt NSN : 8415‐01‐547‐1845
Gloves NSN : 8415‐01‐547‐1890
Long Sleeve Shirt NSN : 8415‐01‐547‐1734
Trousers NSN : 8415‐01‐546‐9992

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