Saturday, April 12, 2014


NSN : 8465-01-049-0888
October 10, 1977

The Intermediate Cold Sleeping Bag is designed in a mummy-shaped configuration utilizing quilted construction; the outerfabric is a 6.5 ounce cloth oxford, 50 percent n-percent cotton, Olive Green 107, Quarpel water repellent treated;the inner fabric is a 3.9 ounce cloth balloon cotton, durable water repellent treated; both the inner and outer fabrics arequilted with a 6 oz/yd sq polyester batting as the insulating material. A full length free-running slide fastener is providedat the front of the bag with webbing loops attached to the slider for ease of operation. An adjustable drawstring face closure,to eliminate the flow of cold air into the bag and escape of warm air at the opening, is provided. Snap fasteners are providedon the flap of the bag for emergency use, if a failure of the slide fastener occurs. Each bag has two tie tapes attached atthe foot of the bag, which are used for tying the rolled sleeping bag for carrying and storage purposes. The tie tapes forthis bag have a finished length of 25 inches (63.5 cm). The bag is intended for use by personnel in locations where tempera-ture ranges from +50°F to +10°F. (10 to -12°C). A previous model of this sleeping bag, NSN 8465-01-033-8056, is alsoin use. This bag is identical to that described above except the outer fabric is quilted with a diaphragm cloth to form chan-nels which are filled with a mixture of 50/50 waterfowl feathers and down. The sleeping bags should be protected by awaterproof clothing bag when not in use.

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