Monday, April 14, 2014

NEW JBC Corp / LBT London Bridge Trading PIG Medical Pack

Pig Pack Platform Integration Gear
Part Number: JBC-PP-MSO-STD

JBC Corp PIG Pack - made by LBT/London Bridge Trading in Coyote Tan/Brown color. Two small scuffs to front of PALS webbing from storage (pictured), but this pack has never been used and is in new condition. This pack is often issued to MARSOC Corpsmen, very interesting design with two identical small modular packs that are mounted to a base. These sub-packs have with multiple pockets and three clear-window pullout pouches. Can be carried with dual shoulder straps or a single cross-chest strap. Comes with all straps and pouches, including the three external pouches and two spare internal pockets. Also a packing list card.Excellent modular design that is quite compact and not too much larger than an M9 pack.

Thanks to : Bingo

Manufacturer Descriptions:

The “Platform Integration Gear” (PIG) Pack is the only multipurpose, multiuse, mobility pack which allows the user to configure the pack to suit both the specific mission requirements and personal preference.
The “PIG” pack is comprised of two separate packs which mount on a base that can be carried utilizing either a single strap that crosses the chest diagonally (allowing the user to pull the pack to the front for quick access) or with 2 straps for conventional backpack style. There are multiple configurations for pack placement. One of the two packs can be mounted on the base in either a high or low position to allow room for additional equipment to be carried, or the packs can be mounted in line. The overall low profile of the pack keeps the medic from being easily identified and also allows movement through confined spaces. A smaller medical pack containing critical trauma supplies attaches in the front for immediate access.

The pack is highly rigid, lightweight, and washable.
Overall dimension w/platform: 22”x13.5”x6”
Packs (2): 11”x13”x5” (rear packs attach to base with hook and loop and 4 “D” rings)
Front Chest Kit (1): 12”x7”x2.5”

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