Monday, April 28, 2014

Finnish Army New Medical Bag M/05

lääkintähenkilön ensihoitorarja, m/05

Thanks to : aamukampa

Photo Credit : Here

Photo Credit : Here 

Photo Credit : Here 

Yeah .. Now it has been found the medic bag includes.

The bag contains a table of contents and sen suojakalvon , verkkopaarit , ensisiteitä , harsositeitä, paperisiteitä , harsotaitoksia , lääkintämiehen armband, mercury kumemittarin, scissors, Burana, safety pins, adhesive plasters, as well as Antrop lääkeinjektori. Equipment can certainly vary ..

And when I'm in this for some time now gathered about these, I have to note that the Medical Backpack (medical person ensihoitorarja, m/05) is used much more frequently than the medic shoulder bag. It is also possible that there is not even question used. shoulder bag ..

And yet the medical pack. It includes, for example. patient kylmettymistä prevent the equipment, note-taking, lighting, large and small blood seal cuts the necessary tools, a variety of ties, triangle cloth, the infusion cannula, infuusiopainepussi, a variety of scissors, a comprehensive stockpile, spatula, verkkopaarit, fluid transfer device, the support collar and a table of contents + shield.That is a very complete pack battlefield demanding conditions.

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