Thursday, April 24, 2014

Eagle Industries FSBE COY Admin Pouch

Administrative Storage Pouch with Flashlight Pocket

Admin Pouch , W/ Light , Placard

The lightweight yet durable MOLLE Style Admin Pouch with Light Pouch is designed to carry small items like maps or pens and also holds a flashlight, folding knife or spare mag.

AP-W/L-MS-OD   Olive Drab
AP-W/L-MS   Black
AP-W/L-SS-MS-COY   Coyote
AP-W/L-PMF-MS-5KH   Khaki


The Standard VELCRO® Front is the original full VELCRO® Brand loop face with standard light/knife/multi-tool pocket. Please note, the Multicam has a slightly different flap design (pictured below).

Constructed of lighter weight 500D Cordura the MOLLE VELCRO® Brand Loop Front Pouch is the latest modification of Eagle's MOLLE Admin Pouch. Features the standard light/knife/multi-tool pocket, but the standard hook loop front has been updated with hook loop faced MOLLE webbing so the pouch can be used for attaching additional small pouches, chem lights, D-rings, Grimlocs or hook backed patches.

AOR1 (500D) 8465-01-574-7650
AOR2 (500D) 8465-01-574-7983
Khaki (500D) 8465-01-574-0874
Khaki (1000D) 8465-01-573-7993
Multicam (OCP) (500D) 8465-01-575-3524
Multicam (OCP) (1000D) 8465-01-574-9323
Ranger Green (500D) 8465-01-574-2923
Ranger Green (1000D) 8465-01-574-1619

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