Sunday, April 13, 2014

British Army Inflatable Sleeping Mat

NSN : 8465-99-310-9203


Simply twist the screw valve and the mat will self-inflate, after approx 5 minutes blow a couple of puffs into the valve to top it up.
Equally easy to deflate, turn the valve and as the mat is rolled the air is expelled.


Weight: 553g (including stuff sack)
Dimensions packed: Length 30cm, Width 15cm, Depth 15cm
Dimensions when in use: Length 115cm , Width 50cm, Depth 2.5cm

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It's actually a Thermarest inflating sleeping mat, manufactured for or by the British Ministry of Defence and is standard G.I. issue. Mine is brand new, dark earth colored, comes with a bag and two soft elastic bands to keep the mat in shape. I took some pics of the tags:

The NSN is 8465-99-310-9203.
Here you can see who imported it. Made in China.

This is a picture of the mat when I first unroll it and loosen the valve.

This is a closeup of the valve. Unscrew counterclockwise all the way and wait up to 10-15 minutes when new, or 5 minutes after first few uses. The mat self inflates. Do not use hand pump to inflate or over-inflate. Tighten valve clockwise to seal and use. To deflate, unscrew valve and roll slowly.

A closeup of the mat texture. Very durable.

Picture of the bag and straps.

Measurement: 4 feet x 21 inches. The weight is a little over 19 oz. Very small, light and durable.

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