Wednesday, March 26, 2014

German Army Medical Bag


NSN : 6545-12-291-0132

The bag, medical personnel is equipped with bandages and medicines for First Aid.

Bag, medical personnel

The 274 mm long, 260 mm wide and 145 mm high pocket made of neoprene polyester fabric is provided on the front with the distinctive emblem of the Red Cross, designation, as well as the supply number. The cover that open to the front also serves as a shelf.

In addition to bandages, medicines and the Mundtubus to revive mouth to mouth to the contents of the bag features a five-piece cutlery pocket for medical personnel. This is housed in a 150 mm long, 75 mm wide and 25 mm high case made of leather and consists of a pair of forceps, anatomical, tweezers, splinter Feilchenfeld, scissors, a thermometer in metal sleeve, and a finger nail file. Manufacturer of tweezers and scissors is the Aesculap AG, Tuttlingen.
This leather case is here by the manufacturer Hartmann & Mildner.

-1 Etui, Besteck Sanitaetspersonal, Vers.Nr. 6545-12-231-8003
-1 Schere, Chirurgisch, Vers.Nr. 6515-12-230-4005
-1 Thermometer, Human mit vernickelter Metallhuelse, Vers.Nr. 6515-12-248-7001
-1 Pinzette, Splitter, Vers.Nr. 6515-12-230-6003
-1 Pinzette, Anatomisch, Vers.Nr. 6515-12-233-1034
-1 Feile, Fingernagel, Vers.Nr. 8530-12-120-5519, fehlt teilweise

Medical equipment
1x bag, medical equipment with carrying strap (Version number 6545-12-291-0132)
1x tourniquet, blood vessel, Büttner-Frank GmbH Erlangen 2 (Version number 6515-12-234-4006)
1x tube, CPR, mouth-to-mouth (Version number 6515-12-247-7043)
1x Case, Cutlery, medical personnel (Version number 6545-12-231-8003)
1x Tweezers, anatomical (Version number 6515-12-233-1034)
1x Tweezer, Splitter (Version number 6515-12-230-6003)
1x scissors, surgical (Version number 6515-12-230-4005)
1x Thermometer with metal sleeve (Version number 6515-12-248-7001)
1x file, fingernail (Version number 8530-12-120-5519)
1x bandage scissors, (Version number 6515-12-230-4047)
1x safety pins, 12 pcs in box (Version number 8315-12-120-7586)
1x form, medical card (Version number 7530-12-130-0166)
2x Gloves, 4EA in plastic bag (Version number 6515-12-314-0729)
1x povidone-iodine solution, Betaisodona solution, 120 ml plastic bottle, Mundipharma Limburg 3 (Version number 6505-12-177-0866)
1x Tetryzolinhydrochlorid and benzalkonium chloride eye drops, eye drops 10ml Yxin, Pfizer GmbH Karlsruhe 4 (Version number 6505-12-188-8482)
20x Meclozindihydrochlorid and caffeine tablets, dragees Peremesin, von Heyden GmbH München (Version number 6505-12-202-0045)
1x Dimetindenmaleat gel Fenistil gel 20g Tube, Zyma GmbH Munich (6505-12-312-4022)
4x gauze, absorbent, Lohmann KG Driving / Rhein 5 (Version number 6510-12-220-0076)
1x gauze bandage, H. Holthaus & Co. Rösrath 6 (Version number 6510-12-220-0078)
1x gauze, absorbent, Paul Hartmann AG, Heidenheim / Brenz 7 (Version number 6510-12-221-0035)
6x aid packet Bw, Paul Hartmann AG (Version number 6510-12-226-0005)
1x adhesive plaster, adhesive plaster, Beiersdorf AG, Hamburg 8 (Version number 6510-12-226-0043)
4x field dressings, burn, Lohmann GmbH & Co. KG (Version number 6510-12-226-0047)
2x dressing cloth, cotton (Version number 6510-12-228-0003)

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