Wednesday, January 1, 2014

WWII Red Army Combat Shovel "Vulkan Stalin"

Thanks to : World Collect

After WWII the Red Army transferred some of its equipment to its new ally, Bulgaria. This is how the shovel, a Russian model of the 1940s, appeared in Bulgaria. Could be dated by end of WWII - end of '40s.
On the metal part the producer stamp is clearly visible: a five-pointed star, surrounded by "Vulkan Stalin" lettering. Same stamp visible on the other shovel's side too.
Shovel's length is 52 cm/ 20,5 .


  1. Нищо вярно... Лопатката е българска, произведена е доста след WW2 в завод "Вулкан" в гр. Варна. Градът е носел името "Сталин" между 1949-та и 1956-та година.

  2. Nothing is true ... blade Bulgarian produced is well after WW2 of the "Vulcan" in Varna. The town was called "Stalin" between 1949 and 1956.

    Thank you please if you can Give me some other info about that

  3. I apologize for my first comment in Bulgarian language. Blade is made of the "Vulcan" factory in Varna town, Bulgaria, between 1949 and 1965. Unfortunately - it has not participated in WW2. I myself have served in the Bulgarian army with this type of shovel.

    Regards, Stefan.

    1. No Problems , Please feel free to Contact me Anytime for Comments and Suggestions
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    2. All blades with this marking are sold as Russian (Soviet) production, right? But here's a issue to think over - why they are located in Bulgaria? How many of these shovels are sold by Russia?

      The blade is mass produced in Bulgaria and can be found at a price up to 30 BGL = USD 20.

    3. And here's another question - why the blade is marked with the name of the dictator Stalin? Anybody has seen canteen marked "Hitler", belt "Churchill" or helmet "Roosevelt"?