Monday, December 23, 2013

British Army Trauma Bandage

British Military Field Dressing
NSN 6510-99-210-7562 / 7563

Thanks to : Vancouver Tactical Supplies

Tried and tested battlefield trauma dressing, manufactured to military specifications in the United Kingdom and approved for use by NATO. The Field Dressing is designed for use in battlefield conditions in cases of major bleed trauma.
Traumafix dressings are vacuum packed and double wrapped for sterility and security, the outer olive green wrap being useful as an emergency occlusive seal in cases of penetrating chest wounds.
4.5 metres of pressure bandage is attached to the highly absorbant pad allowing it to fully cover the pad and apply consistant pressure to the wound site. A Velcro style fastening means the dressing is quick and easy to use without the need for tape or pins. The dressing can be applied quickly and then the casualty can be moved with minimal delay.
The outer packaging is printed with full instructions in both English and French, are small and compact enough to be carried in a jacket pocket and can be self-applied when necessary.

  • Fabric waterproof packaging
  • Highly absorbant dressing pad
  • Pressure bandage
  • Easy and fast self administration
  • Quick fix fastening
  • Camouflaged packaging and skin coloured bandage
  • 10cm x 19cm Bandage for small wound areas
  • 20cm x 19cm Bandage
  • available for larger trauma injuries

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