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FEB Finnish Emergency Bandage - Pressure Bandage

FEB9 Pressure Bandage
FEB9 - Ysiside, paineside

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The FEB9 is a Finnish first aid bandage for professional and private consumer use. The bandage has been developed since 2006 and the latest model was launched 2009.

The FEB9 is a pressure bandage for stopping extremity wound bleeding is developed from the needs of true battle field conditions.

Use of the FEB9 is fast and simple.

The FEB9 applies a strong and concentrated pressure at the wound site and it can be made even with only one hand in use.

The FEB9 is made of extremely durable materials, and it can be used to practice the real life situations hundreds of times. The FEB9 is therefore a very ecologic solution for training situations.

It fills out all standards and demands required for a quality first aid product.

The product is made in Finland with European quality standards. The FEB9 is gamma sterilized.
Unique FEB9
The FEB9 makes the strongest focused pressure to the wound site, compared to the currently available competitors

  • The FEB9 can be applied with using only one hand
  • The FEB9 is simple to use, but very effective
  • The FEB9 can also be used as a tournique
  • The FEB9 can be used in treatment of perforating lung injuries
  • The FEB9+ has an additional 20x30cm double sided non-adhering wound pad for use in wound packing, covering of burns etc.
  • The FEB9 can be customized to client needs to include a haemostatic agent, first aid instructions etc.
  • The FEB9 works in all weather conditions, form deserts to the Arctic (from -30°C to +60° C)z

The instructions are also printed on the packet in simple pictures.

Factory new, made by Suomen Kenttälääkintä Oy. Made in Finland.

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