Monday, November 25, 2013

British Army Medic Backpack Battlefield Ambulance

Pack Medical
NSN : 6545-99-131-3964

British Army Issue "Pack Medical" - Battlefield Ambulance

NATO Stock Number: NSN : 6545-99-131-3964

Woodland DPM Camouflage

IRR - Infra-Red Resistant
2 x Adjustable Padded Shoulder Straps
1 x Padded Adjustable Waist Belt that allow the user to even distribute the load
1 x Robust Webbing Carrying Handle
14 x Mesh Storage Pouches (All of which have Plastic Label Holders)
4 x 12" by 8"
8 x 9" x 5"
1 x 3" by 14"
1 x 4" by 14"
11 x External Quick Release Adjustable Webbing Loops for Securing Extra Equipment

The Pack is 5ft 6" in Length (When Rolled Out) and is Secured with Velcro and two Quick Release Clips for Transit

Also Includes Genuine British Army Issue 1 x "Roll Medical"

Army Medical Roll
NATO Stock Number: NSN 6545-99-131-3965
Woodland DPM Camouflage

15" x 10"

This Item will Hold 36 Individual Treatments Medicines using 2 Piece Elasticated Restraints that will accommidate various sized Bottles and Vials.

18 x Plastic Label Holders

The Seperate "Roll Medical" can be carried seperately using the Webbing Carrying Handle, or by Fixed to the "Pack Medical" with the Velcro Strips and Clips attached

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