Monday, October 7, 2013

Russian Army Individual dressing package (IPP ) -1

Индивидуальный перевязочный пакет (ИПП-1)

Individual dressing package (IPP ) -1

Individual dressing package ( IPP- 1) - encased in a protective shell sterile bandage intended to provide medical first aid for wounds and burns. In the field, the package is available at each military gear , including each physician. The stock STI 's in the bag medic and military medical bag ( CMB ) . Guaranteed shelf life package - 5 years.

The package

Individual bandage package consists of a gauze bandage (10 cm x 7 m ) and two gauze pads , cotton wool (17.5 x 32 cm) , one of which is fixed at a distance of 12-17 cm from the end of the bandage , and the other can be moved to the bandage at the desired distance . Bandage with a cotton -gauze pads wrapped in parchment paper , which is embedded in the fold safety pin , and is packaged in a hermetically sealed outer shell made ​​of rubberized fabric , steadfastly maintains the sterility of the contents . Printed on the envelope package brief instructions and the date of manufacture.


Breaking the rubberized shell notch on the edge of the package , remove the paper roll , remove the pin and rotating the paper . Then, with one hand to take the end of the bandage , the other - it Skatkov and dilute hands so that pads are turned and murdered . Hands touch pads can be only on the side , marked by colored thread. Contact their party must remain sterile . When applying the dressing pad sterile side applied to the wound or burn in two layers (one on the other) or close (one layer) , if the wound (area of burns ) high. Wounding one of the through- hole is closed stationary pad , the other - the mobile, moved by the bandage . Pribintovyvayut pads and the end of the bandage fixed pin.

Dressings packs with damaged outer shell for applying aseptic dressings are unsuitable .

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