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French Army Military Canteens / Water Bottles

The history of the Genuine Issue French Military Canteen began in the late nineteenth century by the model used by the cavalry.


Bidon 1877 Model 1liter , canvas Bluish Grey Iron
Adopted in 1877 , it is designed with two necks with a
capacity of 1 liter.

Bidon 1877 Model , 2 liters
It is covered with blue cloth dark blue for hunters and khaki for the colonial troops.

Mle.1877 Bidon (canteen) The Bidon is either a 2-liter or 1-liter canteen, covered with horizon blue or later khaki wool cloth. Both types had two spouts, a large and small, that were stopped with either wood or cork which was secured to the canteen itself with string. The double-sized 2-liter canteen was originally reserved for issue to troops in Africa, but the difficulty of supplying clean water to men in close combat was considerable and it prompted the introduction of the double-sized water bottle to all troops in the summer of 1915. Often two bidons were worn; in the assault, one bottle typically contained wine (pinard) mixed with water, the other coffee and tafia spirit.


Bidon mod.1884 de Cavalerie


Bidon d'essai mod. 18921892

la gourde mod. 1935
Real name "bidon" replace gourde mod. 1877
same shape of 1877 and one neck 

Capacity 2 liters


US M1910


Le bidon modèle 51

Le bidon modèle 52
Capacity 1,5 liter

The Bottle mle 1952 replace 1951 model, the content is the same, the main change comes from the cap. It is bigger and Bakelite, the first production will have brown caps, then they become khaki.


Bidon modèle 52 en plastique

Capacity 1,3 liter

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