Thursday, October 31, 2013

Finnish Army Savotta "Rajapartio" rucksack - Savotta Rajapartioreppu

 Finnish Army Small Rucksack

 Thanks to : Varusteleka

A smaller rucksack from the Finnish company Savotta. "Rajapartio" means border patrol, and the Border Guards are exactly whom this model was designed for. This is one tough, well made rucksack!

General features

  • Volume 60 litres
  • Measurements about 50 x 60 x 25 cm (width x height x depth) - these are for general guidelines only, don't take them as the word of Moses or other heroes of the Bible
  • Weight about 2 kg
  • Nylon straps and metal buckles
  • Internal, removable aluminum frame
  • Stitching reinforced in the crucial parts with rivets

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