Friday, October 25, 2013

British Army Medic 120 L Bergen

British Army CSAR Medic First Aid 120 Litre Rucksack Bergen

Thanks to : Firestormkit 


These Medical CSAR Bergens features a conceable Velcro First Aid Red Cross Symbol for identification as Medical Personnel but it can also be concealed by pulling up the Velcro tab, the Bergen also features a roll out Orange Hi Visibility Roll for assistance with locating by Combat Search and Rescue teams in an emergency or designating an LZ Landing Zone etc for CSAR teams or medical evacuation.

The medical compartment is accessed by a 2 way zip out compartment which features an inbuilt Instrument Panel for medical instruments and another Velco compatible compartment which takes the included issued Velcro on Mesh Bags, Instrument Panel Roll, Medical Flask Wrap Roll and the included additional Instrument Panel, so basically when fully assembled you have 2 Instrument Panels and the additional one flips over, on the rear is a transparent compartment for the insertion of Medical Standard Operating Procedures.

Large internal compartment 100 litre capacity with waterproof lining and a further 20 litre capacity along with the included Side Pouches making total 120 litre,

Made of 1000D IRR Infra-Red Resistant Waterproof Cordura skin with further internal shower proof coating

Additional Medical compartment accessed by the 2-way zip on the front of the Bergen

Conceable First Aid Red Cross Symbol accessable by the Velcro flap.

Roll out Hi Visibility Orange Roll

Multi Pocket Top Cover

DPM Woodland Camouflage

Adjustable Shoulder Straps

120 litre total capacity

Two Zipped lid pockets

Front utility pouch

Side compression Straps

In built Instrument Panel for Medical tools and equipment

Front zipped Pocket with Medical Instrument panels

Plenty of Velco patches to attached Medical Pouches

Side pouch Zips ready to attached Rockets pouches which are included

Waterproof Velco Webbing cover to protect and keep back straps clean.

Medical Instruments Roll

Medical Flask Wrap

Detachable Instrument Panel


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