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WWI Austro-Hungarian Army KuK Mess Kit

" EƟgeschirr"Feld - Kochgeschirr  WWI Austro-Hungarian  KuK Mess Kit 

 Thanks to : 63kuk

M.1899 mess kit

There were two types of mess kits that were issued to the troops during the war. 
First model is M.1899 it had shape of a bowl with two small handles on each side and eating rounded plate that was also used as a lid for the mess kit. M.1899 type mess kits were issued with fabric cover fastened by a draw string. War time mess kits were made of enameled steel. Per war examples were made of tin plated steel. Some mess kits were stamped with maker logo on enameled body, some were not. After WWI Czechoslovaks and Austrians continued production of this type of mess kits with slight modifications. 

Currently reproductions of war time enameld version are being offered from vendors in Czech Rep.

M.1912 mess kit

Second model of mess kit, was introduced in 1912 and it was intended to replace older models of mess kits still being in use. 
The M.1912 mess kit was made of two pieces, the actual mess kit, wich was rectangular in shape with metal carrying handle and flat plate with wire handle that also served as mess kits lid. Mess kit’s carrying handle usually carries manufacturer’s marks. What is very interesting and peculiar to this type of mess kit that on the sides of the kit there is a rail/connector for joining together several mess kits or for inserting a bayonet in it and using it as a handle when mess kit was too hot to keep it in the hand! As was the case with earlier model pre war mess kits were made of tin pleated steel while almost are war dated mess kits were made of enameled steel.

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