Friday, September 13, 2013

WW2 Hungarian Army Mess Kit / Tin M35 - Csajka M35

Hungary M 35 Mess kit
Csajka 35M
Austro-Hungarian enamel mess kit m1914

Austro-Hungarian enamel mess kit m1914

A copy of the Austro-Hungarian enamel bowls m1914, made ​​of aluminum.

It consisted of two parts: the kettle with dimensions 180x160x75 mm (with a handle made ​​of an aluminum flat bar) and a frying pan with dimensions of 180x160x22 mm-(with the handle of an aluminum wire).

Signed on the side. There was also a version with twice the capacity of the pan (depth increases to 40mm) for mountain troops and engineers, and later produced only this version for all branches

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