U.S.Army WW2 Issue M-1943 Jungle Pack

U.S.Army M-1943 Jungle Pack

WW2 U.S. Army issue M-1943 Jungle Pack. Maker marked and dated; J.A.SHOE. / 1944 , right near where the closing flap meets the mouth of the pack, but it is probably to faint to read in the photo. There is a number underneath the gear attachment flap (mounted on the body closing flap) which may be a GI's serial number, indicating issue. Small (1 1/2"?)section of closing flap edging frayed. It is usualy the Experimental 1942 jungle packs that have 2 tone material construction but this 1944 dated M-1943pack is a lighter than normal OD color with some khaki straps which give it a nice contrast. Deffinately an M-1943 jungle pack as the material of the body is of a heavier gauge of material and the capacity of the pack is greater. A larger pack is a mixed blessing. Its nice to have more space for your stuff, but once you have more space, the military likes to ensure that this space is filled with stuff like, an extra mortar base plate, a couple of cans of belted .30 cal., and a few extra radio batteries. For starters. This pack is complete with all straps. Working zipper. 

WW2 U.S. Army issue Jungle Pack. Maker marked and dated; LUCE / 1942. The Jungle Pack was only made for a short time in 1942. The Jungle Pack was considered as experimental and was never given an official designation. It was a step between the beloved M-1928 Haversack and the M-1943 pack. The Jungle Packs are seen in a 2 tone fabric combination; khaki straps and light green canvas. There are a few spots of stain that arent readily obvious (please study the photos) and someone has painted their name on the back of the pack. All of the straps are present. The zippered of the top flap compartment works well. Hard to find, early war, experimental/transitional piece of web gear, in very good condition.

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