Friday, September 6, 2013

US Army M1910 Mounted Canteen Cover

US Army M1910 Mounted Canteen Cover
WW1 Canteen Cover 

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This is an early mounted canteen cover which later evolved into the M1917 Mounted pattern. The front of the cover with rimless eagle snap fasteners is identical to the early M1910 covers before the lift the dot snap fastener became standard in 1917. However the rear of the cover has a single spring hook secured with a 'V'-shaped piece of webbing. This is the key distinguishing feature of the mounted cover. Mounted soldiers who were issued with the canteen cover found it impractical when actually used in the field. The webbing was not as durable as intended and the canteen would flop about attached to the horse's saddle while in the horse was in motion. Many of these were modified in a M1917 pattern fashion with a leather strap supporting the cover. Keystone Collection 

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