Tuesday, September 3, 2013


1-Quart Collapsible Canteen


Beginning in 2007 a collapsible version of 
the M-1961 canteen began being phased 

into use.

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Lose all but one of the old faithful hard shell LC-1 1 Qt. canteens. This one is made to flex or collapse as water is consumed. When empty, stash it and use the space for other gear, ammo or rations. Soft and pliable, it reduces injuries when landing on your side. Reduces noise of sloshing water of half-full canteens. Same size as the hard shell, and nests inside the canteen cup. Fits in the standard issue LC-2 One Qt Canteen Cover.

  • Made To Flex Or Collapse As Water Is Consumed So You Cah Stash The Echoo Flex Canteen When Empty, And Use The Space For Other Gear, Ammo Or Rations. Soft And Pliable, It Reduces Injuries When Landing On Your Side (a Feeling Parachute Troops Know Well). Reduces Noise Of Sloshing Water Of Half-full Canteens. 
  • Made Of Thicker Plastic Than The Current 2-quart Collapsible Canteen So It Will Flex, Is Less Prone To Puncture And Not Break From Field Use.Civilian Backpackers Have Known For Years To Use Collapible Water Bottles (canteens) To Efficiently Use Carrying While And Save Weight. 
  • In Fact, The Flexible 1-quart Canteen Greayly Improves The Water Flow Through The Drinking Tube Of Your M40 Fie1d Defensive Mask Because The Canteen Body Can Exist Squeezed. Edvewood Arsenal Tests (chemical Biological Deffense Command) Showed 2 Times The Water Flow Rate While Drinking Through The Joiny Services Protective Mask Using The Flexible 1-quart Canteen Compared To Old.

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