Thursday, September 19, 2013

Swedish Army Plastic Cup - SVENSKA ARMÉNS KÅSA


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This Cup is one of those items that people tend to buy just one and then regret to not buy several. Its size is ideally suited for use as a bowl of soup, breakfast cereals or beans and sausages. Oval shape allows it easy to drink. Reinforced plastics construction with thick plastic handle with a hole to make it easier to hang. Cup size at the widest point is 11.43 x 9.52. Mugs volume of about 300 ml. These cups can be assembled with each other so that they take up less space. Colour - olive green.

Material: plastic
Volume: 300ml
Weight: 48 g

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  1. I love the Swedish army mess kit (m/44 aliminium version) I bought a supper grade un issued m44 mess kit (back in 2010) standard Issue Kuksa (M/51) not included but sold separately @ £1.99 super grade un issued... so I bought 4 m/51 Kuksas at the time then in october of 2013 I bought another 2 m/51 Kuksas glad I did now. I wish I had bought all their stock at the time ...
    I could have sold all of mine many many times over but will not part with any of the 1/2 dozen that I have at any price....I would still buy more to sell on to any one that asked me, but I can't seem to find the genuine originals on line any more. SVENSKA ARMÉNS KÅSA the so called alternative is a poor substitute & doesn't fit the mess kit and feels like a kids toy kuksa.