Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Russian Veschmeshok Backpack (World War I)

Veschmeshok Backpack
Veschmeshok M41
Thanks to : BrassKepi

This is the "1869" variant which was used during World War I and then readopted in 1923 and then readopted around 1941 and then..... Quite literally the Russian Army has always loved this pack. Alright back to the designation. 
The later variants (1930s-present) tend to have more stitching on the strap. There is NO CROSS STRAP....although one can be added if you ask. These were commonly discarded in the field and are also easily lost depending upon strap style. Although they do provide some support, they often get in the way and truthfully it is tough to carry that much weight in one of these packs unless you are storming the Winter Palace and running off with a lot of gold. (not recommended and we won't guarantee it can carry THAT MUCH weight) Another feature, often not seen in the reproductions, but used well into World War II is that the strap is attached and adjusted to one side with a wooden toggle.

Those of you unfamiliar with Russian technology probably are wondering how you actually "create" the shoulder straps. The process is quite easy once you get the hang of it. There are videos on youtube to explain it much better than I can in words.

Again, this is the pre-World War II pattern used during World War I and into the Russian Civil War.

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