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Polish Army Mess Kit mod. 23/31 - menażka wz.23/31

 menażka wz.23/31

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Polska canteen mess kit wz.1923/31 was developed in the 20's due to the increasing demand of the Polish Army canteen. However, existing stocks derived from the achievements of German and French bowls did not meet the conditions posed in the standardization of armaments army. The model was used for the development of the German canteen.

Mess kit was made of galvanized steel sheet, and since 1931 has aluminum as wz.23/31. Kidney-shaped cross-section. The canteen consisted of top and bottom. The upper part of the headband was a pan with a capacity of 0.6 liters lower part was a kettle with a capacity of 1.5 liters. Weight was 700 g bowls bowls were made by the company "Ideal" and "Silesia" in Rybnik. Manufacturer's signature on the handle, and also on the wall and bottom of the kettle. The whole painted with khaki.

The cavalry and artillery wz.23/31 Mess kit was carried on the back bow, and since 1938 in the left saddlebag.

Technical data:

Weight: 310 g

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