Saturday, September 21, 2013

Polish Army Mess kit 23/31 menażka wz. 23/31

menażka  wz. 23/31

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When we talk about Polish equipment we should remember that before 1918 Poland didn't exist, additionally on the Polish territory were heavy fighting 1914-18, when Poland get independence in fact most of industry was destroyed, was lack of money, resources, etc. 

At the same time the war with Russia has started 1919-20, so was high demand for military equipment. In service was all, what was possible to find. The main sources were:
- ex Russian, Austrian, German army

During war 1920 was used all what was possible to find, but generally troops which were in German army used German stuff, in Russian - Russian.

1939 - most of equipment was designed and produced in Poland.


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