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Norwegian Army Battle Pack Narvik - Stridssekk M/96

Armour Carrier
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Battle Pack Narvik - Stridssekk M/96

The older M53 has been retired.
The M/96 is a wast improvment With padded shoulder straps and a simple but OK hip belt.There is a zipped compartment in the front of the lid for smaller odds and ends.

This is a brilliant combat, hunting and sm├ątursekk at 35L + in our durable material!
Carrying straps are wide with "swing" for maximum carrying comfort, and the chest strap is granted. 

The thickness of the strap is minimal, in order to prevent the bulb should slide off my shoulder when it goes. Solid carrying handle is sewn into the top and side of the bag, which facilitates very much the hand carrying.

Compression straps on the sides to make the bag smaller when needed, and work on all straps to avoid loose ends. Velcro for marking / Name stripes on the lid, and two small inner pockets for all that stuff always disappears down the bottom of the bag.
In addition there are two "ax pockets," one on each side of the bag. These are intended for the insertion of eg. ax (with head down in his pocket) beverage bottles and the like.Original Fight bag (as it was made in -99/2000), but modified with molle attachments!
The model in Norwegian kamo is upgraded with molle-attach, with 3 rows a 3 loops on the sides and 4 rows a 7 loops in front.

Side pockets (item 4069) is not suitable for this bag, but most minor pockets fit in any combination.
If you want to see possible minor pockets of this bag: Go to "Weapon Accessories" and check the art. 3320!



Sidelomme Stridssekk M/96
Storage case
Although the rugged case of the DRS laptop is perfectly suitable for storing the machine, it was usually packed inside a large air-tight fiber storage container. The computer and the accompanying printer are stored inside the container in such a way that they can be operated without removing them.
The image on the right shows the blak HP ink jet printer (left) and the green DRS rugged laptop (right). The cables of both units are guided in such a way that all peripherals can be left connected whilst stored in the container.

Other cables can be stored under the laptop or inside a special compartment inside the top lid of the container.

For transport by air freight, the pressure of the air inside the container can be balanced with a small vent at the front.



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Stridssekk m/Molle
Jegersekk m/ramme og molle

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