Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Japanese Army Type-73 rucksack - 73式背嚢

Type-73 rucksack

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Type-73 rucksack
So that in 1973 this rucksack, and was adopted as the feature that does not interfere with the equipment around the waist, and the wide side,
Although I think that the influence of the U.S. military rack sack of the Vietnam War era,
Design of Self-Defense Forces own is supposed.

Pocket to put the dixie.
Pocket to put the can food. Pocket that you put the (poncho, etc.) rain gear.
On and so on,
The design of your own, is where the use of the three pockets attached to the outside has been decided, respectively.
Production (delivery) is increased since 1979
It is meant to be used as shoulder strap is not displaced from the shoulder strap this. This backpack recent regardless of military and civilian
In I think it is the design of course, but it was groundbreaking in this era. (Thin strap in the middle)

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