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Canadian Forces Combat Uniforms

Combat Uniforms

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Combat Dress was the Canadian Army's first all-purpose field uniform intended to be worn in all weather. It was also the first uniform not patterned after British garments, and was designed over a period of three years by the Directorate of Inter-Service Development.


The combat uniform was introduced in 1963, consisting of a General Service combat jacket, a blouse (called a "shirt coat" officially, the concept was a departure from previous combat garments), GS trousers, and new boots. Battle Dress was relegated to non-operational uniforms, along with the heavy wool greatcoat, though like all Army-wide issues, it took several years for new uniforms to filter through to all units of both the Regular Force and the Militia.1 Canada's brigade in NATO, 4th Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group, received the new uniforms that year.2

The combat uniform would remain the standard field uniform of the Canadian Forces into the 21st Century.

British Battle Dress Uniform from 1939

Battle Dress Uniform from 1949

Tropical Worsted - (T-dub)

Bush Dress 50s

Lightweight nylon-based Combat Dress 60s - Desert Color in Somalia 1990s

OG Combat Uniform ("Combats") from 1963

CADPAT (Canadian Disruptive Pattern camouflage) - (No. 5 Operational Dress) from 1997

Canadian Enhanced Combat Uniform (ECU) from 2012

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