Friday, August 23, 2013

Swiss Army backpack M 44 (weapons runner backpack) - Armee Rucksack M 44 Waffenläufer Rucksack

Militär-Rucksack CHSchweizer Armee Rucksack M 44 (Waffenläufer Rucksack mit Schlauch)
Swiss Army backpack M 44 weapons runner backpack  
Schweizer Militär-Rucksack CH Armee Waffenläufer

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Swiss military backpack army weapons rotor CH

probably produced until the beginning of the 1960s (from 1944)

Camouflage (salt & pepper), very durable, soil and belts made of leather.

Height about 55 cm extendable to 75 cm, width 40 cm, depth 25 cm.
Net weight 2.8 kg. 2 side pockets

The supporting frame is integrated. wooden poles

Full verschliesbarer hose for the K31 and the G11

There are 2 vers. Models Versions (see cover "hose")

  • Opening of fabric hose
  • Tube opening from 2 pieces of leather

Tube opening cover  from 2 pieces of leather

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