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Swedish Army Backpack 2000/100L - Ryggsäck 2000/100L

Backpack 2000/100L
Ryggsäck 2000/100L

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Backpack 2000/100L

This model was developed by Sacci in the late '90s in collaboration with officers of K4 in Arvidsjaur. The backpack is designed for hunters Army troops and would replace the venerable Backpack 90LK, which had more than 20 years old. The model is therefore sometimes also LK100. First, in 2004 we got on Sacci honor of delivering the product to the Armed Forces.

An advanced ramryggsäck with a stable suspension system with top straps. Roomy flap pockets and two large front pockets. Ski Channels and Brackets for pulkagör it useful in both summer and winter. The bag has hole straps for attaching accessories. Pack Straps 4 x 120 cm, 4 x 65 cm, and a waterproof inner bag with taped seams included.

Made in SACODRA 950-6.6 fabric. Packing volume 100 liters. Weight 4,1 kg
Atrnr: 400581 Military Green

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