Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Soviet Army Airborne Mess Kit and Water Bottle

комбинированный котелок ВДВ

Airborne Paratroopers combined mess kit

As everyone knows Airborne Comby Flask was adopted to supply the Navy of the USSR with Order number 78 dated 09.17.59.

"The decision to supply Airborne aluminum combined with a jar of pot" in 1959.

In 1971, the combined pot-jar upgraded. On the outskirts of the jars are cleaned and set adds a new component of the - bucket. Also, the combined pot-jar is complemented by a cover of fabric khaki

In the early 80's is another modernize - there are plastic Flask honestly say this is the worst jar of water in it goes out faster than aluminum, and thank god it is almost no where vstretish.

1. Water bottle 1 liter apparently repeating the internal dimensions of the pot. Material - aluminum. Weight-220 g. In later versions set the jar began to make plastic.

2. Bowler 1 liter has a rectangular shackle for carrying and hanging over the fire. Material - aluminum. Weight - 200 grams.

3. Bowl-podkotelnik 0.5 liter with a folding handle-lock. Material - aluminum. Weight-140 g.

4. For storage and transport of completed canvas cover. Weight - 80 gr.

Blank - 560 gr.

filled with water - 1.560 gr.

gross weight in a case with no water - 640 gr.

Bowler combined - Airborne jar designed specifically for use by servicemen of the Airborne troops of the USSR / Russian Federation in the field.

Included in the set of individual survival serviceman Russian Airborne Troops.

1. Flask Army.

Cover with a rubber gasket on a chain.

Water bottle is made from food-grade aluminum. The volume of 0.9 liter jars.

2. Bowler

It is used for cooking over a campfire.

Represents a container with an oval bottom profile, concave on one side.

The bowler is equipped with a wire-loop handle for hanging and carrying.

Made from food-grade aluminum. The volume of 0.8 liter pot.

3. Cover with a handle.

The cover can be used as a plate (bowl) or a frying pan.

Has an aluminum handle - the latch. In the transport position serves to lock the entire set.

The cover is made of aluminum food. The volume covers 0.6 liters.

4. Pouch-bag.

The design of the cover has a safety valve that closes the pouch on all sides, thus reducing the possibility of getting water and dirt

On the back of the harness for a wide belt and suspension.

The design of the cover-pouch allows you to use a jar without removing the pouch with belt strap, and not removing the pot from the pouch.

Mess kit Pouch
Material - dense and lightweight 100% cotton / cotton fabric impregnated with a water-resistant. The material does not rustle.
The color green.
Water bottle is inserted into the pot, the pot is inserted into the lid and the entire set is placed in a pouch-bag.

Dimensions assembled approximately 20 cm X 16 cm X 9 cm

Weight is 0.7 kg.

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