Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Norwegian Army Bergan Backpack - Forsvarets Stridssekk Bergan Ludvig-sekken

Bæremeis, stor, gamle original modell (Ludvig!)
Forsvaret, militær, tursekk, jaktsekk.
Bergans military bag

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Affectionally known as "Ludvig" by norwegian troops, named after a character invented by norwegian author Kjell Aukurust. Originally made by Bergans

Bergan Backpack. Norwegian Produced. "Ludvig-bag".
Large capacity and very durable.
The bag has straps for securing the backpack on the lid.
The bag has 2 pieces pockets on the outside of the bag.
Made of highly resistant material and is sure to be a faithful traveling companion for years to come.
The bag is used, to come from military surplus.

Some backpacks are labeled S - M - L on the back,

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