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Finnish Army LJK Rucksack - Laskuvarjojääkäreille Rinkka

Finnish Paratroopers Pack
Laskuvarjojääkäreille  rinkka

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Weight: ca. 3.7 kg
Capacity: ca. 80 l
Material: PUR polyamide
Frame: DUR aluminium
Colour: olive green

Savotta LJK-rucksack is designed for Finnish military forces and especially for paratroopers. LJK suites perfectly for professional use and for active hikers.

LJK-rucksack has an especially strengthen framework, which ensures that it endures even in the hardest possible environments. There's no upper curve on the LJK-rucksack, because it would limit the movement possibilities for instance when a user is proned.

LJK-rucksack has a fully adjustable supportive carrying system and a hip belt. Also the width of the supportive carrying system is adjustable. Along with the rucksack comes a handy daybag, which is easy to take along for instance, if a hiker needs to fill the food supply.

The pocket selection of the LJK-rucksack is also very carefully designed to match the needs of a paratrooper. Side pockets on the sides of the main compartment's bottom section are designed to be opened very quickly if necessary. There's also a map pocket on the front of the main compartment's upper section.

All the buckles of the LJK-rucksack are traditional metal buckles.

The paratroopers designed backpack designer Harri Koskinen faced and popular backpack got a new shape. The design has given particular attention in the body ergonomics, and portability. In addition, the frame was modified to a more sustainable form of a triangle-LINES. The designer created a backpack fresh look with modern details.

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