Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Chinese PLA Army New First Aid Kit

Thanks to : junpinzhi.com

07's series (2007-Now) China PLA Army,Air Force,Navy Individual soldier First-aid kit,New.

Individual soldier First-aid kit are original packaging,unused,NEW.

单兵急救包:Individual soldier First-aid kit.

Items Including:

(1) 1 pack first aid bandages to stop bleeding,
(2) Spinning tourniquet 1 package,
(3) 1 Bag Band-Aid,
(4) 2 packages Alcohol,
(5) 2 packages Iodine Wine

军事医学科学院卫生装备研究所研制:Military Medicine Academy of Sciences Institute of Medical Equipment Research and manufacturing.

Made in China PLA Military Factory.

Povidone Iodine Disinfection Cotton Pads

Combat  hemostatic bandage

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