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WW2 Parachute First Aid Packet

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The Parachute First Aid Packet (Medical Department N° 9778500) was issued to every parachute wearer during WW2.

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It is an individual first aid kit issued to parachute troopers, pilots, and other air crew members. It featured long cotton strips to be used as ties so the packet could be attached to a parachute harness, equipment belt, arm or leg, or other convenient attachment point.The pouch was made of rubberised fabric that could be tied to any equipment by means of the attached straps.

First Pattern pouches were equipped with a zipper and marked FIRST AID in large letters on the front.

Contents of the Packet, First Aid, Parachute

The original packaging of the Packet, First Aid, Parachute included these items, one each:
Dressing, First-Aid, Small, White, or similar Carlisle bandage
Tourniquet, Field
Tube, Morphine tartrate, syrette
Instruction sheet (see below)

The kit was later augmented with sulfa drugs. According to the Medical Supply Catalog (1 March 1944) the Packet, First Aid, Parachute contained:
Morphine tartrate, one syrette tube
Sulfadiazine, one package of 8 tablets
Sulfanilamide, crystalline, 5, 5 gram envelopes
Dressing, first aid, small, field brown (Carlisle)
Tourniquet, field

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