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Polish Army Cube Backpack - PLECAK WOJSKOWY WP KOSTKA

Cube Backpack

"Cube" - in military slang term backpack which is equipped soldiers of the Polish Army by the end of the twentieth century .Usztywnieniom named after the flap and sides , so that always kept the shape of a cuboid regardless of unpacking.With demobilowi ​​, backpack that has gained a lot of popularity among the scouts , tourists , and young people.

Additional information Backpack cube November 1979

· Main flap is closed with two straps. In order to close every one of them has to be postponed twice by separate metal buckle (the same way there are other belts fastened)

· The interior of the backpack is protected from accidental falling of equipment is also running two strips. This one connects the front wall (under the flap) with a rear bag. Then, two pieces of material (an extension of the so-called side bag. Chimney) clipped on one strip.

· Backpack has 3 pockets on the inside. The front pockets are half the height divided by 2, however, at the bottom merge into a single one. Display compartment located at the back in the lower part of the chamber. All pockets are about 14cm tall.

· The sides, lid (also reinforced) and the bottom of the backpack with a double layer of canvas while the rest of the single.

· All belts are metal fittings complete safety before "ripping the".


The prototype of modern "cube" was a satchel wz. 1925, used by the Polish Army since the mid-20s The twentieth century. It was the first military backpack domestic production, based on backpacks Reichswehr of the First World War . Square, dyed denim backpack was the color of tea, and on the outside of the flap was sutured with a distinctive square bars, which was attached to the canteen . The leather harness and straps was modeled on the German original. Belts mounted on a special metal rail, slide-on top of the back of the backpack. Four metal brackets mounted on the sides and top allow przytroczenie coat or blanket.

Soon after the backpack to equip started work on its improvement. First of all, it was about backpack weight, and to improve the material from which it was made. The work resulted in the introduction of the backpack mod. 1927, and ultimately an improved version of wz. 1933, sewn with canvas Polish production (linen impregnated with copper salts). The latest version was characterized by, among others, parcianymi suspenders and belts. Although planned to equip the entire army in backpacks last type, the 1939 defensive war remain in use all three types.

Polish People's Army adopted the satchels equipment used almost identical to before World War II. Models produced in the 50s Twentieth century differed only extra pocket sewn on the inside of the flap satchel, and color: the postwar designs were made of green canvas.

After 1989, when I was introduced to equip the Armed Forces backpack wz. 89 , "cubes" were gradually phased out of use of the current.


In the 90s The so-called twentieth century. Cube has become one of the most popular among school backpacks. Military backpacks cube type (different models) have also become one of the attributes associated with subcultures rock , reggae , punk and heavy metal . Many ankle is adorned with plenty of badges with the names of musical groups and passwords.


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· The provisions of the Polish Army soldiers ubiorcze, Ref. Mund. 45/71/I, Volume I, published by the Ministry of National Defence, Warsaw 1971.

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