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The Resource Center Allied Industries (2005)



8105-09-000-2725  (Year 2005)
6.5" L x 2.5" W x 8" H
Accession number


Early inn 2003 the US Marine Corps, Marine Corps System Command fielded a new individual first aid kit (IFAK) for use by Marine Corps and US Navy medical personnel. They were first issued in small numbers in Afghanistan, then thousands were provided to equip Marines going into Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.By 2004 the new kit was available to every Marine as a standard part of the USMC Individual equipment, a total of 213,000 deployed. The new first aid kit is designed to be more compact and have a greater life saving capability for those with severe bleeding from combat wounds.

In addition to the Marine Corps, the Air Force Medical Service and other units of the U.S. military have adopted the USMC-developed Individual First Aid Kit.
Components of the USMC Individual First Aid Kit

Components of the USMC Individual First Aid Kit of 2003

The USMC Individual First Aid Kit of 2003 in enclosed by its Pouch (NSN 8105-09-000-2725) and consists of two modules:

Trauma Kit (NSN 6545-09-000-2726)
Minor First Aid Kit (NSN 6545-09-000-2727)

The Trauma Kit includes these components:
Bandage, Elastic, NSN 6510-01-503-2109 (2 EA)
Bandage, Gauze, NSN 6510-01-503-2117 (2 Rolls)
Tourni-Kwik Tourniquet, One Handed, NSN 6515-01-504-7030 (1 EA)
Wound Pack (QuikClot), Hemostatic Treatment, NSN 6545-01-499-9285 (1 EA)
 The Trauma Kit is a vacuum-sealed package (photo, above), containing the above items. This package is to be opened only in an emergency. Once the Trauma Kit vacuum seal is broken, consumable items in the Trauma Kit cannot be individually requisitioned and the partial contents must not be returned to the pouch. A new Trauma Kit must be ordered.
Within the Trauma Kit is the wound pack known as QuikClot, an item with a shelf life of three years from the date of packaging, marked on the outside of the vacuum-sealed bag. Expired Trauma Kits must be replaced.

The Minor First Aid Kit includes these components:

Bandage, Adhesive ¾" x 3", NSN 6510-00-913-7909 (10 EA)
Dressing, Burn 4" x 16", NSN 6510-01-243-5894 (1 EA)
Povidone-Iodine Topical Solution. USP. 10% 1/2 Fl. Oz. Bt, NSN 6505-00-914-3593 (1 Bottle)
Water Purification Tablet, Iodine 8 mg., NSN 6850-00-985-7166 (1 Bottle)
Triangular Bandages 40" x 40" x 56" NSN 6510-00-201-1755 (1 EA)
Bandage, Adhesive 2" X 4.5" NSN 6510-01-514-4518 (5 EA)