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US Army M-1928 pack or haversack

The M-1928 haversack (M28)
M1928 Haversack
M-1928 pack

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 Based on the design of the M1910 original, this pack was notoriously uncomfortable and unpractical  yet it remained in use for over 20 years.  It was a 3-part ensemble.  1, the main pack. This was designed to hold personal items and extra clothing.  2.  The "meatcan" pouch.  This attached to the front flap of the main pack and was used to hold the mess kit and utensils.  The knife and fork fit into leather sheaths.  3.  The Pack Carrier.  This little item served to hold everything inside the main pack.
The M1928 pack was very impractical in the field and consequently unpopular with the troops.

Photo Credit : Here 

Photo Credit : Here 

Infantry haversack and pack carrier, M-1928. From FM 21-100, Basic Field Manual, Soldier's Handbook, December 1940.

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