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Field Pack, Large, with Internal Frame (FPLIF)

Field Pack, Large, with Internal Frame (FPLIF)
CFP-90 Ruck Sack

NSN : 8465-01-286-5356
October 04, 1988

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The test IIFS FPLIF manufactured under contract by Lowe Alpine for Natick Laboratories and are easily distinguished from the standardized FPLIF by the lower brown sleeping bag compartment ,among other things such as the superior shoulder straps and waist belt.

Lowe manufactured Vector-series pack designs that the FPLIF was derrived from.
For those that do not know Lowe Alpine Systems, Inc. developed a load carrying system in 1984 called the LCS-84 [Load Carrying System 1984]. It was part of their "para-military" Vector Pack System line. It consisted of a large internal frame pack with detachable patrol pack along with a tactical load-bearing vest. Also in 1984 Natick had begun trials for a new load-carrying system called the Hot/Dry Clothing And Equipment System [HDCES]. By 1986 the trials had been a bust and Natick decided to work with Lowe Alpine in developing a new load-carrying system based on their LCS-84 system. Prior to this USSF had been making unit purchases of the Lowe Alpine Vector Packs and LCS-84 packs and using them alongside EUO QRV vests [later ABA].

The FPLIF was standardized on 01 February 1988 as indicated by the initial standard MIL-F-44324. For the FPLIF there was only the base document, "A" revision, the 1995 amendment, and the 1999 cancellation. No other standards were issued for the FPLIF under MIL-F-44324.

Primary function: Provides Soldiers with a pack capable of holding additional gear needed in a cold weather environment.

Length: 30 in. (76.2 centimeters)
Width: 21 in. (53.34 cm.)
Weight: 8 lbs. (3.63 kilograms)
Square: 4.375 sq ft (406.88 sq meters)
Cube: 3.64 cu ft (.11 cu meters)
Stowage: 3.64 cu ft (.11 cu meters)
Color: Woodland camouflage
Unit Replacement Cost: $135

Features: The FPLIF is an internal frame pack with 6,800 cubic inches of storage space. It features a detachable 2,500 cubic inch patrol pack and an internal compartment for sleeping bag stowage. It is water resistant, adjustable and complements the normal center of gravity aiding in comfortable and efficient movement for the user.

Inventory: 21,696

Background: The FPLIF was developed to address the deficiencies of the large Alice Pack by increasing storage capacity, enhancing comfort and mobility and keeping all gear protected from the environment.

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